Patio Decks

Every home project begins with a desire or vision.  A deck is no different.  Today’s deck should reflect your outdoor living experience.  Your property has much to say about your deck building choices.  Just as your home is not a single space, a backyard is divided into living areas each with distinct characteristics and purposes.  A deck is one of those living spaces, integrated into the overall setting.  Learn the language of your landscape to discover how best to position a deck for convenience and comfort.

Even though there are diverse and imaginative ways to design and construct decks, they typically take one of the three basic forms.


  1. Platform decks are the simplest type.  They are usually built so low to the ground that railings (according to the building code) are not necessary.  Because platform decks are built close to the ground, it is important that the materials used be resistant to moisture.
  2. Raised decks are common because most houses sit on a foundation that positions the first level floor several feet above grade.  These decks require railings for safety and stairs to make the deck accessible to the yard.  Location of stairs to establish a sensible traffic pattern is important to successful deck planning.
  3. Multilevel Decks are a series of decks, whether platform or raised, connected by stairways or walkways.

A deck is a reflection of your lifestyle.  If you frequently entertain family and friends, then you may want a deck, which will accommodate large groups of people, with easy indoor access.  If you are looking for a quiet setting and privacy, a smaller deck, low to the ground might be what you need.  If you want both, consider a multiuse deck that is built on different levels, or uses shade structures and railings to define public and private areas.  The best deck designs consider all factors to make sure it satisfies your goals.  With the many available choices, our 20 years of experience are sure to help you design exactly what you are looking for.

Patio Deck Projects