What often makes a deck unique are the “Elements of Style” that we place on or around it. By elements of style, we are referring to the choice of railings, pergolas, screens, benches and or planters. The available choices speak of the desire to meet your wishes, as well as helping to provide structural and visual separations to your deck. A deck needs adequate space to be functional so you want to accessorize, but not overcrowd.


Railings - Picket BalustersOver the last decade, the deck industry has developed a variety of attractive railing systems. Because your deck’s railings will be one of the most visible features on your deck, it is important to choose a railing style that compliments your design and style.

The range of possibilities goes from a multitude of traditional wood railings to a combination of wood and tempered glass or aluminum. We recommend spending some time researching your options and allowing some room in your budget for a railing that suits your taste.


Deck Skirt - Solid BoardIf you have invested in a deck, chances are you plan to use it as an added living area. A place where you may want to entertain or just lounge around. In either case, a raised deck can sometimes leave homeowners “on stage”. Well placed privacy screens can block unwanted views and establish a sense of enclosure.

Screens have several practical uses as well. They can be used to enclose pumps, create deck skirts, offer shade during certain parts of the day or establish a wind block from prevailing winds. Screens are available in an infinite number of designs, therefore it should be easy to find one to fit your needs as well as your tastes.


Custom Accessory - rounded topPergolas are more than just a stunning garden or deck feature that can attach to your deck or stand alone in your yard. With the latest trend in building outdoor retreats, more homeowners are entertaining outdoors. It’s easy to add a pergola to compliment your yard, creating a multipurpose social setting.

Because of the absence of walls and a roof, a pergola defines a space without restrictions. It’s a unique architectural blend that places you both inside and out at the same time. It’s just the thing to bring backyard landscaping to life.

Benches & Planters

Flower PotsCustom, built in benches add seating, style and originality to your deck. They can be used to accent certain areas on your deck. Well placed with accent flowers and cushions, a wood deck space can transform to a more inviting, comfortable and relaxing space. Whether you are entertaining or taking a rest, you will be glad you added benches to your deck.

Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular for decks and are always a favorite for people who love to garden. A raised planter provides a focal point and pleasant architectural relief. Planters can soften the look of a deck with bursts of color and provide added privacy with taller plants and grasses.

Other Accessories

Heat Pump Enclosure - Custom LatticeThere are two elements in designing a true outdoor living space. The first is, understanding your property. Design functionality and proper layout of your outdoor space is paramount to achieving maximum enjoyment. Knowing what you want is essential and before you know it, your outdoor living space will begin to develop a personality that should reflect your lifestyle.

There is no such thing as typical in designing an outdoor living space. Each component of your deck and yard is an opportunity for self-expression and flair. A thorough understanding of the possibilities is essential to any project. Considering your options and establishing specific goals are key to creating a successful outdoor living space.